What’s The Big Deal With Gentlemen’s Clubs?

Finding a strip club is not as easy as it used to be. You could google them but you’ll find different references to Gentlemen’s clubs. Some of them are nowhere near having the true attributes of a Gentlemen’s club. Strip clubs and Gentlemen’s club are used interchangeably as if they are different sides of the same coin. However, they are not. So, what is the difference between a strip club and a gentlemen’s club and why the need for distinctions when both type of clubs offer beautiful girls taking their money on a stage for money? 

The name gentlemen’s club gives such establishments an air of class. The connotation of that name is that Gentlemen’s clubs are just for men, that the women who are in there are only for their entertainment. That might be true to a certain degree but people don’t visit gentlemen’s clubs just to see the girls, but they sometimes come for a drink, meet up with their mates and even conduct business. This is because of the ambience a gentlemen’s club has. 

Compared to strip club performers the women at a gentlemen’s class are classier, and hotter.  The girls have to go through a rigorous process to prove that they can do more than shimmy down a pole and take their clothes off. They can really dance and they can give you all kinds of sexy. The girls at a strip club cannot wait to bare all and sometime their routines are more hurried.  Girls a gentlemen’s club bring theatre into the process of getting naked. They know that it’s not just the naked body that is enticing but, their moves, their looks, eye contact the pageantry of it all. Gentlemen’s club makes a whole production of stripping.

Traditional old fashion strip joints are not entirely clean and can be fitted with cheap decor and cheap seats. They often fail at giving patrons quality service banking on the misleading notion that the only important thing for you is to watch strange women taking their clothes off for and nothing else. The only connections to be made is if you book a lap dance, even then you are not allowed to touch. 

You can tell a lot about a place by the way it looks inside. Some establishments try to hide the drabness of it all by bathing the club in dark colours. The best Melbourne Gentlemen’s clubs are cleaner and more luxurious. The staff understands the important of keeping the tables and the floors clean. The decor is also more tasteful, none of that kitschy, neon lighting and red strobe lights that make the place look an old dominatrix’s  dungeon. There’s plenty of light so you can see all that is around you.  

A gentlemen’s club will have a strict dress code. They don’t just let anybody from the street come in. If you are going to come across some drunken idiots, they will be better dressed idiots with cigars and expensive whiskey. Gentlemen’s clubs sell good booze, not the watered down type of booze that strip joints are notorious for. People are better behaved and they know how to spend money at a gentlemen’s club, no one is going to be trying to make it rain with $50’s worth of singles but will give out proper tips. Bar fights aren’t common in a gentlemen’s club because the security is always top notch. And by security we don’t mean the overweight guy with the beady eyes who sits at the door and asks for your ID and the entrance fee, but a well-dressed guy who exudes the confidence that he can handle any trouble that comes his way. 

The Best Melbourne Gentlemen’s Club will treat you like a VIP the minute you step through the door. The girls are nice and accommodating but not in that “desperate I need to make money” kind of way. Everything inside will be worth the high cover charge. You should also know that the dancers are probably used to getting high dollar bill tips, so don’t be stingy and show your appreciation The lap dances are deliciously salacious and will have you coming back for more. 


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