Why Tent Fumigation Is So Effective

If you’ve just been diagnosed with a termite problem, you want them gone now. Termites are extremely destructive to the structure of your home and they can reproduce at frightening speed. While there’s more than one way to eliminate termites, be sure you choose the best way. Here are four reasons that tent fumigation is the most effective.

Fast and Efficient

Like any infestation, you want termites out of your life forever. When working with tent fumigation specialists Key West, you’ll rest assured that it’s the quickest manner possible. After your initial inspection, the process of removal takes roughly 72-hours depending on the size of your home. This is more potent than other types of pesticides that can take multiple attempts.

Good for Hard-To-Reach Places

The beauty of tent fumigation is that it encapsulates your entire home. Once the lightweight fumigant is released, it seeps into all the hard-to-reach places such as floorboards and walls, killing both active termites and larvae. Once fumigation is complete, the home is completely ventilated.

Safe and Effective

Tent fumigation is not only extremely effective, but it’s also safe. Be sure to follow your professional’s instructions for preparing your home. You’re not allowed to enter the residence during the fumigation process and the home is completely sealed off. After fumigation, the house is tested so it’s safe for your return.


Tent fumigation significantly lowers the risk of ever having another infestation. Since all larvae is removed during this process, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever have another problem. Most people that have chosen tent fumigation never deal with termites again.

Preserves the Integrity of Your Home

When termites try to take up residence in your home, serve them eviction papers immediately. Tent fumigation is by far the quickest, safest and most effective measure you can take. Once termite-free, you’ll go back to enjoying life knowing you’ve preserved the integrity of your home.

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