6 Reasons That You Should Know About Visit Lombok Over Bali  

For decades, tourists have known Lombok since Bali’s sister coast, outshined by the reputation of brilliant Bali. And although there are lots of reasons that make Bali so worth visiting, there are things that can make Lombok more intriguing than Bali. Discover several reasons why you need to visit Lombok over Bali below.

More Nature and Convenient Island-Hopping

Bali welcomes tens of thousands of international tourists yearly. And while this positively contributes to the ever-growing tourism sphere – there are always new resorts, new restaurants, new adventures to experience – it has also cost the island its own purity and pristine state. Lombok, on the other hand, nevertheless has its virgin spots, idyllic coastline, and authentic traditional communities.

Lombok is located within a much-coveted island constellation that contains the three Gili Islands. It needs just a couple of hours to hop to neighbouring islands, and it costs considerably less to reach those islands from Lombok instead of from Bali.

Less Crowded and No Traffic

Because of the horde of tourists in Bali, a great deal of classic cities now have very touristy vibes, and most of the mainstream destinations are beyond busy. This may not bother everyone, but those who crave tranquil, intimate moments, may want to contemplate Lombok over Bali.

Busy roads and traffic jams are a massive turn-off for sailors and tourists visiting Bali. Lombok, on the other hand, has more area than it needs for visitors to roam around with their bicycles handily, one virgin shore into another.

Tranquil Ambience

Lombok is mainly preferred by honeymooners and people who would like an intimate, laidback holiday. Less crowded, fewer parties, and more infrequent bulk occasions, allow tourists to enjoy their own company. Lombok also has a far smaller volume of hawkers who frequently distract tourists from the calm natural attractiveness in Bali.

Cheaper Prices

As a less touristy destination, services and products in Lombok naturally come with lower price tags than the ones in Bali. Many tourists have voiced their joyous surprise in the low prices for private villas or fine dining in Bali. Just imagine a much lower cost in the equally beautiful island of Lombok.

Attractions That Only in Lombok

Pink Beach

Bali and Lombok both have their myriad of idyllic beaches with clear blue water and smooth white sand, however, just among these islands houses ashore with pretty pink sands. Pink Beach or Tangsi Beach (known by the locals) is located away from other neighbouring places, and retains its natural state, with sterile translucent water and pristine sand.

Glorious Waterfalls

Frankly speaking, Bali has its share of majestic waterfalls worth detecting. But, Lombok’s waterfalls are like no other, such as the double rainbow waterfall Tiu Teja and Tiu Kelep, the unbelievably melodious waterfall Benang Kelambu and many more. Indeed, each waterfall has its own unique attributes.

Sasak Culture

Although Lombok and Bali are located relatively near each other (contemplating Indonesia’s massive region), the cultures are very different. Lombok’s indigenous individuals are the Sasak cultural tribe, who also speak their speech and hold Islam because of their dominant faith, while many Balinese are Hindus. Seeing Lombok provides tourists with a glimpse of the culture that can’t be found everywhere.

Bau Nyale Festival

Annually, Sasak individuals hold a vibrant festival to remember an early princess. She drowned herself from the sea to escape a political union and maintain peace on the island. Locals believe that the strange colourful sea worms appearing just once a year signify the princess. When it occurs, thousands of people may swarm at the beach to capture one of these additives for good luck, before eating and cooking them. Tourists are, of course, welcome to combine.

Indonesia’s Second-Highest Volcano

Matching Mount Rinjani’s striking height is its own various all-natural charms, including the majestic Segara Anak Lake in the summit. Bali also has lots of fantastic hiking tracks and mountains. Still, Indonesia just has one second-highest volcano together with all its beauty, and it’s dwelling in Lombok.

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